On this musical journey through cultures and continents,
we have tried to capture the emotional bond that brings us together
through the universal language of music.

In 1994 Ranajit Sengupta first came to Europe, planning to present his music to a Western audience. During his 3rd tour in 1995 he met guitarist-composer Daniel Lüdke from Hamburg, Germany. The two of them immediatly realized a fusion of extremely divergent musical traditions.
Daniel´s and Ranajit´s cooperation in Europe and India gave birth to wealth of compositions.

Specialized in classical indian and jazz music, Ranajit is a sarod player that plays cross-over and traditional music with unequalized speed and tranquility. He established himself as one of the best musicians of this generation.

Together with the Daniel they form the musical basis for the sound of Kyabaat , with mutual respect for western and oriental styles. Daniel uses different guitars in special tunings. He is specialized in world, jazz and classical styles. Kyabaat combines odd and even measures with incredible ease and originality, supported by electric bass and Indian tabla.