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"His style of sarod playing resembles that of Ali Akbar Khan and reminds of the lyricism so much associated with the late Ustad, once described by Yehudi Menuhin as the greatest instrumentalist of all times".
The Hindu, India.

"Ranajit is the New Ambassador of Indian Music to the West"
VPRO Radio,The Netherlands


Major Concerts & Tours 2014-2015 National Programme of Doordarshan (National TV of India)with Pandit Anindo Chatterjee on Tabla National Telecast on the 30th May,2015 at 8 A.M.

concerts 2014-15

March,2015 The Netherlands,Germany & Switzerland ICCR,Mumbai on the 10th March with Shirin Sengupta

.May/June,2015 Germany,Switzerland & Orient Festival,Estonia with Shirin Sengupta,Rajarshi Sengupta & Rupak Bhattacharjee

July 18th,2015 Salzburger Fest Spiele,Opening concert with Indo austrian Band K# Goes India

July 24th,2015 Indika Festival,Liverpool,UK

July 25th,2015 to August 2nd,Music India Summer school by MILAP FEST

7th August,2015,New Delhi,ICCR,Horizon's series programme.

16th August,2015,India Habitat Centre,Pandit Vishnu Digambar Jayanti Festival.

September,2015 Tour in Denmark,Sweden & England with Shirin Sengupta

October/November,2015,Tour with Ashim Chowdhury(Sitar Player) & Shirin Sengupta(Vocal) & Mainak Banerjee in the Netherlands & Germany

March/April,2014-Switzerland & Germany

Mahotsav,2014,London Bharatya Vidya Bhavan July19th,2014

INDIKA Festival,Liverpool,UK July 30th,2014

Hohes Friedens Festival,Augsburg,Germany, 7th August,2014

Upcoming Concert tour with Shirin Sengupta in Denmark,Germany & Holland

June/July 2014y


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